Resolutions For Twenty Eighteen


There’s just something so nice about starting afresh, opening a brand new book, starting from chapter one and finding out where this journey will end up.

A very quick summary of 2017 – it taught me a lot. I exceeded my expectations in somethings and struggled with others while gritting my teeth saying ‘it’s okay, I’m okay’ when in fact I was far from it.

Turning 28 in April, people do expect you to have your life pretty much set in stone at this point, you know, when your at a family dinner and its the game of 20 questions ‘How is your job going?’ ‘Are you thinking of flying the nest?’ ‘When do I need to buy a hat?’ – let me answer them for you just now:

1. I’ve been in various retailing for jobs since I was 16, I don’t plan on being in it much longer!

2. Eventually but I kind of need that thing, what’s it called? Oh yeah; MONEY! Unless you have a spare few thousand you could give to me? No, I didn’t think so.

3. You can buy a hat anytime you… when Craig is ready to propose, I WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW!

Yeah, being 27.9 years old is extremely fun right now! #sarcasm

With two years until I am *gulp* 30, I think it’s about time that I started to get my shit together and that way I can say I am a pro at this adulating business. In order to get my name on the certificate, there are a few changes that I need to make and I am doing these for me. I am telling myself that I can be a little bit selfish and not feel overly guilty for it. This will give the freedom, confidence and independence that may have been lacking in my life and it’s never too late to start somewhere. Sometimes all I need is some faith, trust, pixie dust and the motivation to put not only talk the talk but walk the walk with my crown firmly in place.


Let’s get straight to the point here – I am shite at saving! My parents, my boyfriend and my best friends will tell you this! Anytime I try and save a penny I always find something to spend it on which isn’t ideal considering one day I will eventually have my own place and be able to say ‘Yes, I can happily afford that’ instead of ‘Fuck, I really shouldn’t have spent that.’ Part-time retail wages are far from marvellous and you literally break even at times. Being a full-time student and not receiving any funding at all is proving to be harder than I realised, too. The best way to tackle this? Start small. Putting some pennies away every month and not touching it is going to be the real test of whether I can stick to my word and actually start a savings collection and having less of a stress about my financial future.

How am I tackling this? Last month, I created myself a budget and a list of payments that are due off and when, not finding myself stuck in a lurch and that way I can plan financially better for the next 12 months. Seems like common sense however I feel as though I will benefit highly from it.


Finding out that I passed my Graded Unit with an A last year was definitely one of 2017 highlights, considering I completed the full thing around 72 hours! It goes to show that hard work, determination and working under a hell of a lot of pressure can pay off! Even though I’m not going to University this year, to graduate with two A grades would be a fantastic way to round off my time in Education. I have a great bunch of people in my class this year who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the course as I do and that is enough motivation for me to carry on through until June.

How am I tackling this? I have bought a study planner from Paperchase which is very handy for putting in key dates for those dreaded deadlines, assessments and of course those very exciting holiday dates!


If there is something I take absolute pride in, its what I have accomplished so far in terms on career wise, education, internships and personal achievements. From volunteering at both the London 2012 Paralympic Games to the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, I have had some really exciting experiences which has taught me some really incredible skills and abilities which i can put into practice in every day life. Being creative with my CV will (hopefully) let me catch that job of my dreams or if there’s not a job there, create one!

As much as I need to thank all my retailing employers for all their multiple pieces of advice, being in the same profession for 10+ years without having experience elsewhere is something that I am lacking and wanting to gain in 2018!

How am I tackling this? Having a CV that is ‘graduate’ ready listing all of my experiences, skills and details which employers would be seeking for alongside a Covering Letter which is the same theme as my CV, love a bit of co-ordination I do.


If you have read my blogs (thank you by the way) you know I have a tendency of stopping and starting again. I keep comparing myself to other bloggers and thinking that I should be doing this or doing that and if I’m being honest, I’m not really being true to myself, am I? I need to do what I WANT instead of thinking that I’m not good enough or that I’m not up to standard. A little selfishness can go a long and you know what? It’s not a bad thing, either. Setting up realistic goals and achievements is something that I am working towards but one step at a time as they say. That Tracey Faye Girl is something that I have always wanted to do and this time, it’s happening!

How am I tackling this? By writing content that interests me, keep being inspired by incredible people but remembering that I need to do this for me, not anyone else.


If you’ve met me in person, you know that I have an extremely outgoing personality however I am not the most confident of people. You may be shocked or surprised at this however when it comes to certain issues, I tend to shy away when I should maybe have said something, gave my opinion or said what was on my mind (good, bad or indifferent.)
I need to have more balls to truly speak my mind and learn to let the confidence that is somewhere inside me shine through and tell the world I AM TRACEY FAYE and this girl is going to slay. *insert Spanish Dancer emoji here*

How am I tackling this? This one is a little bit more tricker, I guess it’ll just grow over time but by a long shot it’s one of the biggest resolutions that I will make such an impact as I adapt and learn new skills and lessons throughout the year and beyond. I have the most supportive family, boyfriend and friends who I can lean on whenever I need someone to listen or help me regardless of the situation. They’re a great bunch and I could never thank them enough for what they do for me.

As they say, that’s all folks! There are a few others and if you’re interested in knowing what they are, you can tweet me @ttfgblog.

Have you made any resolutions this year? Any from last year that you’re carrying through to this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s to 2018, hope you stay with me on this crazy, epic rollercoaster!


38 thoughts on “Resolutions For Twenty Eighteen

      1. I love how you don’t even have the balls to give me your full name. 🙄 Says a lot about you, Sweetheart! Taking time out of your day to leave me nonsense on here, doesn’t it? Oh, bet you never even thought about that! Was it too much for your tiny little brain to handle?


      1. Hardly being attention seeking or being infantile. Looks like someone has the jealousy bug! See you in College, darlin’! That’s if you have the balls big enough to actually say this to my face… #chicken


      1. Like I’m the only needy person in the world… hang on, we’ll make it breaking news! Scottish Girl is extremely needy!
        At least I’m honest about it! 👏🏻 Don’t really understand what your issue is with that one… 🤷🏻‍♀️


  1. we can add not very clever too! enough! you bore me and i have my internship to concentrate on. you keep posting your usual tedious stuff to all your internet friends etc. good luck


    1. My highlighter will be brighter than you ever will, sunshine! Good luck with your ‘internship’, hope you smash it, sweetie! I shall keep posting my ‘tedious’ stuff to my real friends and friends I have made online! Missing you already doll. xox *polishes crown*


      1. crown? ha ha ha! that makes me laugh. go and get yourself a life in the real world. you have no idea how tedious you are. oh and you are really not bright at all!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have a life in the real world thank you very much and may I add it’s quite a great one! Also, I thought you said ‘enough’ as I bore you and yet you’re still commenting? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who’s not so bright now? It’s okay darling, you’ll get through this!


  2. you so arent. my life is great. far better than yours. maybe once you realise that you are not as clever as you think then you might be a better person


    1. * aren’t
      I’m glad you have a great life, that honestly has made my night knowing that some guy who finds me annoying is living a great life. Shame you’re such a Prick…

      As for not being clever, tell that to my BA degree I have and the A I got on my Graded Unit last year… 🤷🏻‍♀️


      1. oh good for you! I still have more qualifications than you. A prick? You are an attention seeking little witch who has nothing better to do with her time than feeling sorry for herself. Go get a lige!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A lige? What’s that? Sounds good to me!

        Thank you for thinking so highly of me, honestly you have no idea how much that means to me! 😘

        Anyone, thought you were bored? 🙄


    1. You mean the happy one I’m living just now? Okay then, nae bother pal! 👍🏻

      The only one that’s sad here is you, sitting here commenting on a blog post because you don’t really like me! You’re actually really pathetic! Makes you look like a giant twat in all honesty!

      ‘I’m bored, what will I do? Oh I know, I’ll comment on Tracey’s blog post because I have nothing else better to do with my sad little lonely life!’

      👋🏻 pal!


  3. Marc, crawl back into the moaner pool you climbed out of. Take your negativity and jog far far away!

    Tracey, keep being you. Do not let fucknuggets like him stop you from being you. I love your positivity!

    To everyone else, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Now where the fuck did I leave my pixie dust?! 👸👑


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