Guess I should write a little something about myself that way you know about the girl behind the blog… I’m Tracey, or if you’d like to use my full name: Tracey Faye McIntyre. Nicknames I go by: Queen T, Pingu, Honeybun, T and PeeBee.

I’m 27 with a mentality of a 7-year-old. I stay in a small town outside of Glasgow called Uddingston,
which is famous for Tunnocks Teacakes (and if you haven’t tried one, I’d suggest you do so!)

Currently I am a second year Advertising and Public Relations student at City Of Glasgow College, aiming to have a career in something somewhat digital/social media based as I practically live my life online one way or another! Currently a Cast Member for the Disney Store and a Marketing Assistant for reality escape room Tick Tock Unlock, I already have a BA degree in Event Management from The University of the West of Scotland to my name.

With events being the family business, I took a keen interest in the planning process behind large and small scale events. I aim to merge the two subjects together and bag the job of my dreams one day, with an unlimited Starbucks supply and my pug Pugsley as my assistant! (You can follow him on Instagram here.)

In the past, I had little blogs and my love for writing started when I was younger, I used to write made up stories and thought I was the next JK Rowling except it never adapted into anything. My parents have always seen me as someone who loves her creative side, designing things (despite the fact I can’t draw, I’ll leave that to my boyfriend who has a First Class Honours degree in Illustration and Animation!) As the years went by, I would use my laptop to create unofficial promotional material for bands and my passion for blogging and promotion became stronger.

I also like to go on tour with my favourite band P R / D E S. 45 times and counting I have been to see them and it is the most fun you will ever have. You’ll find out more about that later.

Anything else you want to know? Tweet me: @ttfgblog
Fancy working with me? Email me: hiya@thattraceyfayegirl.com


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