Review – Stack & Still, Glasgow

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It may have only opened last weekend yet over 10,000 pancakes have made in the UK’s largest urban pancake restaurant located right in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

Stack & Still have made their forever home in the old Byron Burger joint on West George Street. The restaurant can sit 200 people and is the UK’s first self dispense bar with beer, cider and prosecco! There’s even a Grapefruit Gin Collins cocktail ready for you on tap! (Due to the fact I was driving, I was unable to take advantage of this!)

The first piece of advice that I will give you is BOOK A TABLE! There was over an hour’s wait to be seated and the queue was literally out the door. You can book a table online for free HERE.

Secondly, when you face the menu, there is a hell of a lot to choose from!

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Choosing which stack to go for will be tricky as there are 5 variations to choose from including a Gluten Free option and Sugar Free stack, too. As a buttermilk fan, I HAD to choose them for my stack.

What you need to ask yourself is ‘How hungry am I?’ You can have a Single (1), Short (3) or Full Stack (5) – I was really ravenous and went for a short stack of 3 light, fluffy pancakes.

Finally, once you’ve sorted your stack, it’s the question of whether a sweet pancake or the savoury kind is taking your fancy. With me having the sweetest tooth imaginable, of course I went for the sweet option! Each topping is either £1/£2 and you can have as many as you want!

I could have gone crazy with the toppings but I limited myself to 6! My pancakes were topped with:

Oreo Biscuit,
Toffee Crisp,
Peanut Butter Cream,
Sweet/Salty Popcorn.

We waited around 15/20 minutes for our pancakes as it was lunch time and the restaurant was extremely busy with pancake lovers and people queuing to get their pancake fufilment. Even though it was a Tuesday, pancakes can be enjoyed any day of the week as they’re open all 7 days from 8am – 11pm.

Three fluffy cloud pancake arrived hot and freshly made with toppings galore and it was an exremely pretty sight! It’s the type of dish that you’d be proud to share on your social media pages because they look incredible!


With the mixture of saltiness and sweetness, it was just the right balance considering the amount of sweet toppings on the pancakes. The peanut butter cream blended in nicely with the mascarpone and the sweet/salty popcorn pieces literally melted in your mouth with the delicious pieces of Toffee Crisp and Oreo. Adding a nice think spread of Nutella and if that doesn’t satisfy any sweet tooth, I don’t know what will! The dish was certainly filling and made a great first impression on me. This is exactly what Glasgow needed – something a bit different and regardless of what season it is, pancakes will ALWAYS be in fashion.


My overall verdict: When I heard that a pancake house was opening in Glasgow, I knew I HAD to try it straight away! Even in an hour long queue, it is worth the wait. Staff are super friendly and are more than happy to help you and give you some good chat. The pricing is very reasonable and the portion size does not disappoint. The toppings are jam packed full of flavour which stays in your mouth long after you’ve eaten. The atmosphere inside is a great, busy place which is electric and buzzing with loads of excited people trying a new venture for the first time. I would recommdend Stack and Still to anyone who’s needing their pancake fix and if visiting Glasgow for a few days, it needs to be on their places to eat list.

Can I make a booking for Pancake Tuesday 2019 yet?

Stack & Still
100 West George Street
Glasgow City Centre
G2 1PJ

0141 471 0417 //

* This post is of my own personal opinion and was not sponsored.

5 Diaries You Need For 2019

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If you’re like me and like being somewhat organised, a 2019 diary will be on your soon to be purchasing list! I love a good diary, keeps me in the loop of my plans and what I’m doing with myself today, tomorrow and what I should have done yesterday! (Hey, we’re all human, we’ve all been there…)

Get ahead of the game this year and get a diary that will make you be in the #diarygoals club! Here are some of my favourites.

* This post is not sponsored, I genuinely just love these diaries.

1. Harbourside – Doris by Chroma Stationary

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New for 2019, the new Harbourside diaries come have some awesome special features inside them including a notes section for each week and motivational quotes to keep us going when things get on top of us. Available in a range of colours, the Doris colour is just simply gorgeous and will look great with gold, silver and white embossed writing on it!

You can order it here.

2. Hello 2019 by Paperchase

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LOOK. AT. THOSE. PASTELS! This lovely little number has ‘uplifting slogans and a funky layout’ which will certainly be an attractive appeal to diary lovers everywere! Make your 2019 fun and fresh with this by your side!

You can order it here.

3. Goals Diary 2019 by Busy B


Make 2019 the year to smash all your goals, whatver they are! This stunnung champagne diary will help you make it the Best Year Ever with space inside for you to write down your weekly and monthly goals and achievements. This diary will help you find your focus and keep you motivated to succeed in those 365 days!

You can order it here.

4. Make It Count 2019 Daily Diary by Martha Brook

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Got a busy day planned? Good news! This page a day diary means that yoi have room to write out your busy schedule! This diary is available in a variety of colours and can be personalised with your name on the front cover as well as a personal message inside which can empower you to rise and shine and make the most of your day!

You can order it here.

5. 2019 Personalised Hardback Typographic Design Diary by Mims & Family

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 16.40.16.jpg

Simple, effective and beautiful as ever! The minimalistic vibe from this diary is all you need to write down your plans, goals, birthdays, meetings and whatever else you want inside your diary! This hardback diary is great quality and will make a great present to you or someone you love!

You can order it here.

What’s your favourite diary for 2019? What are your main goals for next year? I hope this post has gave you some inspiration for your next diary!


T. xo

One Girl, Two Jobs and Her Anixiety

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The title sounds like a motion picture which is coming soon however this is the everyday reality for me. Yep, you read it right! Instead of one 40 hour a week role, I work two part time jobs which equivilate to the same hours as a full time job.

During the week (Wednesday – Friday) I intern for a social media agency in the south side of Glasgow and on the weekends I’m a Cast Member for ShopDisney (which is basically like me living my life as a Disney Princess, right?)

Both jobs are completely different from each other and that’s what I love about them! Every day is a school day because I’m constantly learning new skills, how to put a creative twist into various tasks and help me become a better version of myself. With that said, it can be a struggle as my anxiety can creep in at any second and play funny buggers with my emotions.


One question I get asked often from people who know me is:

How do you cope working two jobs when your anxiety flairs up?

I’m not gonna lie, it can be challenging. My anxiety can appear from nowhere and basically tell me that I’m not good enough at what I’m doing and that I should just give up.

It’s hard and I sometimes wish it was easier to deal with that demon inside my head. What is good to look at is past achievements which have happened in the past to remind myself that I am capable of doing the best that I can. For example, I was awarded Cast Member of the Quarter for January – April 2018 while working for Disney.


I’m not afraid (nor should anyone) to admit that I do take medication to ease my anxiety. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a way to help me cope on a daily basis. The tablets will help calm me down when I feel anxious or feel myself going into a state of panic. Luckily, I have a wonderful team of people in both jobs who support me whenever I feel like my anxiety is taking control of me and are so understanding when I don’t have my best days.

Headspace is a great app which you can download and it helps with your breathing and you can use it anywhere (at work, at home, if you’re out and about and you need a moment.) They have packs which you can download which will help with ‘Managing Anxiety’, ‘Finding Creativity’ and ‘Stress’ just to name a few. The app is free and you can try a free session to see if it suits you.


When my bubbly personality shines through, that’s when I’m at my best and it’s infectious for my other colleagues to see when I’m me and not someone else taking over my brain. It’s important that I keep my distance sometimes and read a book, go out with friends and keep my mind occupied when I need to escape reality for a minute or two.


Whether you’re struggling or just needing a little boost of confidence in youself, you can and you will get through what your anxiety tells you you can and can’t do. YOUR ANXIETY DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.

And that is how I cope with two jobs and my anxiety. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.


T. xo

Let’s Start Again, Shall We?

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You know what it’s like: you start something, you follow through with it and then all of a sudden you lose your passion for it – and that’s okay. Sometimes all you need is a spark, some inspiration and the motivation to try again- even if this is your third time. If I crash, I’ll begin again.

One thing that made me stop was comparing myself to people thinking I could never be like them because they’ve been doing this for years, they’re already established, they have a mass following and you know why that is? Their work ethic is second to none. They work tiredlessly to make sure they’re happy with what they have created and they should be proud of what they’re achieving.

I can write, I have been writing since I was a wee lass so why did I put so much heart and soul into things and then just stop. Was this my anxiety telling me to give up and stop posting? Nobody will read what you have to say, you’ve done this before. What makes this time different?

This time, I have the direction I want to take my blog into, I’ll make time to post content when I’m satisfied with what I have written. I blog because I want to. The spark has ignited for writing and the passion for keeping this going is burning.

For those who have been there through my start/stop blogging, thank you for stickimg by me. For those who are new: welcome, I am Tracey Faye and let’s go on this wild adventure together.


T. xo